Classics & Exotics

Peer-to-peer classics and exotics car rental platform

Key facts

  • Client:

    Peter Zawadzki
  • Release Date:

    April 1, 2016


«Classics&Exotics» is a classic and exotic car rental marketplace that brings the sharing economy to car enthusiast’s garage. Founded in 2014, the company makes it possible for highly qualified and carefully screened renters to chase their dream behind the wheel of their favorite classic or exotic car for a day or few, while allowing the owner to offset their ownership costs with the peace of mind of $1 million comprehensive insurance coverage and full-service roadside assistance.


When the founders of C&E, Peter and Mike, approached us, they had nothing but a great idea, which we had to turn into a comprehensive solution that is easy to use, appeals to C&E audience, and at the same time is able to facilitate the entire end-to-end transaction, from registering, listing a car and searching for one, to booking, date change requests, billing and reviews.


At later stages, C&E realized the need for the platform to support multiple UIs, including the partner website powered by the same platform, as well as the full mobile app, so the API was developed to accommodate that.


Being a dynamic TechStars startup, C&E had to constantly adapt and reinvent, so we had to stay agile and be able to change the direction along with the company.


To begin, we spent some time with the Peter and Mike to learn about their immediate and long-term goals, both related to the application as well as their business as a whole. From the founders’ wish list and through discussions on how the business will actually run, we’ve put together a roadmap for the minimum viable product.


We also dove into the research that the founders had done on their market and target audience to gain the understanding of how the brand should be presented and what the interactions with the site should be like.


We knew that the application will not remain static and will continue to develop and change as the idea evolves. To avoid future rework and save the founders some capital, we had to account for their long term vision, besides the immediate feature needs, when building the application logic and workflow.


C&E application had to be easily scalable and be able to handle a variety of processes and scenarios, such as renter verification, referrals, special deals, coupons, rescheduling, cancellations, price changes, etc. while keeping the end user experience simple and enjoyable.


As feedback started to pour in from users, mentors, partners and investors, various components of the logic continued to evolve, but the core underlying architecture, established based on strategic goals, was able to support the changes.


Fortunately for us, Peter and Mike, being classic and exotic car veterans, knew their audience very well. Our job was to augment their knowledge with research and deliver the interactions that fit the user profiles very well and made their experience seamless and easy.


We’ve also spent some time researching the current state of the sharing economy and how its leading players structured the interactions with their users.



The “look and feel” of our application had to speak to the audience that appreciates the beauty of exquisite engineering, the feelings it invokes, the legacy of iconic vehicles that defined the century, and the thrill of being a part of that community.


Our design had to marry the class of past with the clean, functional and efficient modern interface. We also had to make sure that our design is fully mobile-responsive to keep user experience simple and engaging regardless of the device being used.

«Quintegro was able to provide an amazing level of skill to a very large scale and complex project.»

Peter Zawadzki, CEO, Classics&Exotics



The current version of C&E platform allows the renters to search their dream cars by multiple criteria and easily view car info, availability, pricing, location, owner, and other parameters.


Owners can list their cars, add photos, and define the availability and pricing, down to a specific day. Booking process allows renter and owner to exchange messages prior to booking, owners can pre-approve or offer a special deal, and renters can request the date change after the booking was approved.


Both parties can cancel, with specific terms and conditions being handled accordingly by the application.


Users can review their current stats using dashboard, access their past conversations and completed trips, or view their reviews. All new users and changes to existing profiles or cars are moderated by the admins before they are published, new renters and owners go through approval process.


We’ve used a number of third party services to accommodate the required functionality, including:


  • Text messaging service for user notifications
  • Geolocation services
  • Payment platform
  • Social media integrations
  • OAuth to provide users with more login options
  • Driving habits tracking service that allows scoring the driver’s safety when C&E mobile app is launched


Backend was built using our proprietary CMS solution specifically tailored to the C&E needs and goals.


Extensive functionality to facilitate C&E transactions includes owner/renter review and moderation, billing, coupon and referral links module, dashboards and claims processing for roadside assistance provider, scheduled events and notifications, etc.


Our team also created the app to help C&E facilitate the vehicle handover, as well as track the driving habits of the renters using a third party service.


When picking up or dropping off the vehicle, renter and owner can do a walk-around and take pictures of the car and its dashboard, as well as record mileage, fuel level and any additional comments they may have.


Shortly after going live, Peter and Mike realized that the partnerships and new developments require supporting multiple UIs from the same application logic layer and database.


We’ve built an API to accommodate that need, as well as create possibilities for more integrations and UI options in the future.

«The quality of platform development, UX and UI design allowed us to expedite our time table and launch our nationwide platform ahead of schedule. Communication was clear timely and they were very responsive to recommendations and requests.»

Peter Zawadzki, CEO, Classics&Exotics




Classics&Exotics launched on April 1, 2016, and, without official roll out or extensive marketing, had generated 534 successful rentals in the first 2 weeks. Founders received a lot of positive feedback on

«We could have not chosen a better development team for our project and look forward to growing and launching new versions of our platform with the help of the amazing team at Quintegro.»

Peter Zawadzki, CEO, Classics&Exotics

Other Work

The Burdenko Method

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Custom UI Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom CMS
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • E-Commerce


  • Platform Architecture
  • Responsive UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Linux Custom Software
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